Friday, February 6, 2015

Pat McCoy's Winning Hunter's Star.

Last October quiltnorfolk celebrated....
       in many ways. 

It was our 10th Gathering, We have hosted six October Getaways, and four April/May Retreats.
The tutors, students, and the many organizers made sure that it was an event to remember.
Our quilts and wall hangings on stamps!

Raewyn , Bev. 
To start the month Norfolk Island held it's annual A&H Show. Usually the Best Exhibit is won by an item of woodwork, Norfolk Island produce etc. But this year it was a stunning quilt made  by Pat McCoy that was awarded the Top Prize. Well done, Pat. Quilting is getting the recognition that it deserves. 

Another bonus was the timely issue of a set of stamps from the Philatelic Bureau. The five different stamps issued all featured quilts and wall hangings made on Norfolk Island.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

    And if a week of fantastic quilting lessons wasn't enough we were invited to visit Government House to have drinks and nibbles with the Administrator, Gary Hardgraves. 

 Raewyn should have held the dainty purse/bag that she taught to her students in the next two days. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

quiltnorfolk Retreat

Gloria Loughman
What a wonderful week! The time table had to be altered to fit in with ANZAC Day but it made no difference to the enjoyment of the 25 students and three local quilt angels. We could tell that Gloria enjoyed the classes too. What a perfect tutor! Three and a half days of playing with colour, learning how powerful it can be, and putting it into use. Gloria had created a sceen from photos that her husband, Tony, had taken when they were on Norfolk last year.The  delightful group of  students produced an array of  'work' that was stunning.
Some of the weeks work

Friday, June 10, 2011

May Retreat

Last month Quiltnorfolk had a creative week with visiors to the Island learning all sorts of different sewing techniques. Debby Williams from Blenheim in New Zealnd was a fantastic - nothing too much bother - tutor. The ideas that she had just kept flowing.

All our visiting ladies fell in love with our mascot - Tintoela ( Norfolk for Sweetheart) and I think that she enjoyed the week as much as every one else. Her sewing output was poor but she certainly got around - she was found with her head down in Debby's bag and I think that she spent one whole night at Mariah's Bar.
More about our Retreat later.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quiltnorfolk.. the 2nd Getaway.

What a happy Bunch! This photo was taken at the Farewell Dinner for Quiltnorfolk. It was a great week with 63 students from Aust & NZ, and tutors and some husbands from both countries. I think that the best part was meeting with so many like minded stitchers, all talking the same patchwork and quilting language, and all eager to learn. How could one not have fun! In the photo are ( and they are going to grrrr at me when they find that I have put the photo here!).. from left to right Barbara Soloman, Raewyn Maxwell, ignore the one with the red wine, Kay Greenbury, and the one who came up with the great concept of Quiltnorfolk, Donna Pearson.

Mid week between classes we managed to put together an exhibition with quilts from local stitches, and from the visitors as well. I don't think that there has been such a diverse showing of the craft on the Island before. It was a very popular afternoon. Mariah's Restaurant was an ideal setting with its large room, plenty of props, and good lighting. And taking a breather on the veranda with cool drinks from the chef, Ben, was a good way to relax before have a second and third look around.
I was looking through some of the photos that I took, trying to find a selection, but I have come to the conclusion that I need to brush up on taking photos of people... quilts I can manage, no problems. Until I have more photos come in I will share this one of Tutor Anne Jolly with Jill Osgood and her completed "Poppy Bag". Well done.
Thank you to our visitors.... your enthusiasim, your enjoyment, your company made it all worth while.
We are into planning for our Retreat in May and the 3rd Getaway in October. Our week was so enjoyable and we know that we can do it again...... and better!
Happy Stitching.

Monday, July 19, 2010

? Next new project

This is a fantastic Block. I am told that it was designed especially with Norfolk Island in mind. Raewyn, from Sweeties, is doing this particular one but she kindly lent it to me so that I could make a pattern. I thought that it would be complicated but on closer inspection I find it has been designed very effectively, and I am eager to get into it. The square measures nearly 24" and would make an ideal wall hanging or center of a quilt. Now.... shall I just sort out enough fabrics to do the square, or should I go the whole hog and set aside enough to do a bigger project! Life is full of decisions.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Modern World

Blogging!! A word that I heard only recently. I visited several sites and thought what fun it would be. "It's easy!"I am never never going to believe anyone saying that again....unless they went to the same school that I did. Riding a bicycle is easy... well it was when I learnt... they didn't have buttons and levers then. But anything that is multi choice, can be edited, or deleted, or downsized takes a bit more concentration and aptitude. May be it is easier to learn to ride a bike because when you get it wrong you fall off and you hurt yourself. All you do when you click on the wrong button with computers is get horribly more confused.
Anyway... to start this off I have included a recent quilting project.... four red hat cushions.


Don't we all have those projects that we started with such enthusism, but they were not completed before the next oppotunity came along to attend another class? And the poor forgotten task was left, semi disclarded, like an old doll that has been superceeded by a new present. But then it is rediscovered at the bottom of the toy/work box, and the thought of finishing it takes over.
I made one quilt of this pattern... the blue on the left...throughly enjoyed making it and started another one. We have refound each other. It is a delightful hand sewn pattern that involves fussy cutting circles, turning them inward with batting and a focus material, stitching then down and then stitching rows togther. I was taught it at a class at NZ Symposium years ago and never regretted the experience. Oh yes... UFOs.. Un Finished Objects.
Must go and do some more stitching therapy.